RunnerHub Official YouTube channel Edit

The RunnerHub Official YouTube channel is where we gather all the recorded runs on the Hub for your viewing pleasure. There are two ways to add a video to the channel.

Linking a video to the Hub's channel Edit

The first way to add a video to the channels is to link it to the channel. This method requires that you have your own youtube channel where you upload the run. Once the run has been uploaded to your personal channel all you have to do is send the link/s to the run/s to someone on our youtube team along with what you want your playlist on the Hub's youtube to be called. Once the link has been sent our team will make a playlist for your runs and add them to the Hub channel front page.

Uploading to the Hub's channel Edit

The second way is to upload the video straight to the Hub's channel. To do this you will need to contact someone on our youtube team. Once the team has your message they will ask you to share the video with them somehow so that they can upload the video to the Hub's channel.

YouTube help Edit

If you need help creating your youtube channel, setting it up, uploading a video or anything else related to youtube and the Hub just contact someone on our youtube team and they will do what they can to help you.

The Youtube Team Edit

Our current youtube team consists of

You can also direct your questions towards the Hub's Upkeep division.