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Yuri's Shoot n' Scoot
Basic information
Year Established 2075
CEO Yuri Mendeleev
Corporate Rating Unrated
Additional information
Major fields of activity Gym, Firing range, FFL

Yuri's Shoot and Scoot is a Gym and Firing Range that is owned and run by Yuri Mendeleev, a Russian transplant with strong ties to the shadowrunning community. Catering specifically to Street Samurai, the gym gives its members (membership costs 100Y/month) the opportunity to hone muscles and skills alike. For those with the nuyen and Yuri's favor, he even runs a small black market in a back room.

Radical Sid's Reviews Edit

Yooooooo kids! Radical Sid here with another review for you!

Like I always say, in this day and age anyone who isn't carrying a piece is just begging to get hit by the next gang banger to look their way, AMIRITE?! Okay, you got your Colt 2066, somehow got the Knights to give you a license for self protection, but guess what fragger? THAT THING ISN'T GOING TO DO YOU ANY GOOD IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT. But Radical Sid, I hear you my audience say, I don't know where I can practice with my fine piece of Colt engineering without breaking two dozen Seattle ordinances! Well friends, You're lucky that I'm doing this review today, because I'd like to introduce you to Yuri Mendeleev, proprietor of Yuri's Shoot n Scoot.

Now Yuri's from ol' Russia but don't you worry about him being some Vory leg breaker - no sir, Yuri is a straight shooter neutral party. Rumor has it this guy's even in with the Seattle shadows! But I digress kids, you wanted to hear about the Shoot n' Scoot right? RIGHT? HERE'S THE LOWDOWN!

Up front Yuri's has a solid gym offering multiple reconfigurable weight and endurance training machines. Like the boxing gyms of old, there's a proper ring and plenty of punching bags and speed bags for those of you who like to talk with your fists to get some time in on. If you've got the right licenses, Yuri will let you to the indoor range in the back. The range comes complete with adjustable target carriers for ranges from 5 meters all the way out to 45. Omae let me tell you, if you get a bullseye on the number 2 target from 45 meters with a colt 2066, and you convince Yuri to sign off on it, I'll send you a glossy 8x11" autographed picture of yours truly, RADICAL SID [EDITOR'S NOTE: This offer has been rescinded as of July 2075]. If you're finding it hard to locate ammo for your shiny new self protector well friend, don't you worry because Yuri tells me he's a licensed dealer of ammunition and has supplies for cheap. All of this my friends, comes to you for the low price of 100Y per month. what have you got to loose? well besides your money and your life! GO TO YURI'S AND LEARN TO DEFEND YOURSELVES!

Radical Sid, SIGNING OFF!

  • Radical Sid Reviews: Yuri's Shoot n' Scoot, Emerald City Independent, E13, June 2075