Yuri Mendeleev
Quick Notes
Occupation Fixer/Weapon Dealer/Gym Owner
Affiliations Street Samurai, Fixers, Johnsons, Shadow Community
Game Rules
Connection 3
Loyalty -
Personal Details
Age 43
Race Human
Sex Male
Description Thinning Brown hair, short Goatee, Slight Russian Accent.
Status Alive
Likes Money, Street Samurai, Profit, Guns, Girls, Vlad
Dislikes Vory, KE, Lone Star, Megacorps, Vlad

Yuri Mendeleev runs the Gym/Firing Range hybrid that is Yuri's Shoot-n-Scoot. he's a former Runner from Russia where he led a small team as a Adept Face. He retired a few years back when shit hit the fan and he had to disappear. Utilising his knowledge of what makes other runners tick, he set up a gym directed towards Street Samurai and managed

to get a stranglehold on a large chunk of territory. One reason as to why Yuri’s facility is so prosperous is due to the lack of SIN checks and discreet Black Market deals on the side.

Yuri was Born in Russia and decided he wasn’t cut out for the military. He deserted from the Red Army, burned his SIN and decided to earn a living from the shadows. He formed a tight crew that included the infamous Red Winter (Or Vlad the Mad to you). He cut ties with the group buy maintained friends, however they slowly disappeared from sight as the years went by.

He now lives the quiet life and fixers for prominent samurai who visit his gym. He enjoys the protection of Vlad and the other heavily armed psychopaths and as such does not need ti hire any exterior protection like a security corp or gang.